Welcome to 2016 — Time to “Dust Off” The OLD Blog

January 13th, 2016

Yesterday was the first chance after backing up www.calcis.tk; I had to clean out some of the older webpages and BLOG posts. Am not certain how many I removed, but I know they were not of a nature that I wanted in my “new” image of this web site.

I have other locations for various genealogy (and related topics of interest), hosted be WordPress.com — some of which you may have already browsed…so this website is undergoing a severe re-structure, and may included a digital version of my “Extended Family Tree” book in the near future. If so, I have to consider a few key elements:

1) Privacy issues for living kin.
2) Uploading photos and other images, submitted by close relatives; distant cousins or other sources found online.
3) Editing/proof-, copy-reading extra long documents, before uploading them to the site.
4) Listing resource sites, database locations, and other documentation of where collected (compiled) reports and family tree data came from.

As you can tell, each of these could cause delays of what I hope to post on the revamp www.calcis.tk — BUT they WON”T affect the present or future layout of this BLOG, which you are reading right now. The BLOG is setup using WordPress ‘content management’ on my own site, and has allowed me to do some amazing things.

One other thing — if there is something from the “older version” of this site you can not find in the new one ; I setup a ‘mirror’ of ALL post at this address (and continue to add new ones) –>

Please check there for a more complete record of what was posted prior to January of 2016.

Thank you, for your time and interest in my site and BLOG.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy (weavercatATgmailDOTcom)

May Flowers, and Blooming Bushes

May 11th, 2015

Tis just about closing time at Valley Antiques — yes, we worked today; were supposed to work Tuesday, but it was swapped back to our usual day.

Woke up the morning, with a highly sensitive area around my left temple (flowers, bloomin’ bushes and honeysuckle have me fighting sinus pressure/headache symptoms).

Have done all right (for much of the day); but am already packing up things to go home…the sooner I can take another dose of Benedryl, the better.

The store had a fair day with sales…not sure if “we” sold anything or not.

Oh, just so you know I have re-vamped, updated, and gotten a new domain name for this particular website. Did you notice?

I will also be adding/changing settings so new posts will appear on my Twitter and Facebook feeds…soon.

At the moment, I think I’ll go and adjust the temperature on the AC unit at the store — is has run steadily, for the entire day.

Catch up you after while.

— Cathy

Holidays, Shorter Days, and Monday

November 18th, 2013

One holiday is done (Halloween), another is quickly approaching; and Christmas isn’t far behind Thanksgiving.

Days are getting much shorter – dark nearer to 4:00 than 5:00 (time-change)..and it’s Monday!

So how is life treating you?

Dave and I have been at Valley Antiques for the past (5) several days — and the store has been getting ready for the OPEN-HOUSE in early December. [Will post photos/links here when I get pictures of store uploaded on store BLOG].

Yes, I know it has been a while since my last ‘post’, here.

No. It wasn’t on purpose.

Maybe, I should get-in-the-habit, of writing here every day (again)…even if the ‘updates’ are just one-liners.

I may be back to post again — once we get home.

If not…hope your Monday was good.

— Cathy

To Privatize Posts/Pages or Not?

March 11th, 2011

I have a debate brewing in my mind about this Blog/journal — to privatize posts/pages of a certain nature or not. None of the over 1200 posts were ever posted with any intent other than to share my personal memories of my life, hometown and various topics that are current that hold my interests.
This will continue to be my philosophy — and should anyone have “issue” with what I have posted here — I, yes, I am the one you should contact with your comments, complaints or friendly suggestions for change. Not my mother, brother, cousins; or other relatives that have contact with me.
If, you return to my site, only to find a post you read previous has changed from “public” to “password protected” — this can mean several things.
1) The content has been outdated by more current information,
2) I need to update/correct or otherwise change the textual content,
3) There are hyperlinks that are included in the post/page that are no longer valid/active, and I will need to see if i can find current links with the same content, before the post/page can restored to a ‘public’ status,
4) I have ‘family issues’ related to aspects of these post/pages — which need to resolved before the status MAY BE changed to public.
One last item:
I am a writer, trained in journalistic style — at one time I was a Communications major (while in college); I also have some training in legal research; what does this mean? (You ask?).
I am somewhat familiar with what is acceptable to be reported/reviewed/re-posted online, and many websites which host many government/freely available documents — free due to the “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT”.
So, no — I do not place anything on my blog/journal without some form of documentation, and give credit where the items/text/photos originated from — that would not credible research/reporting.
If you want to find out more about the history of your hometown, GOOGLE is your friend — what it can NOT DO is distinguish between what you “want” to find, and what has actually been documented through media, court cases, expose’ books; and genealogy research.
So this brings me back to the debate — to privatize or NOT?
If you have observations/comments — I would like to hear them.

— C A Abernathy

Elsewhere On The Web, More Blogs

July 20th, 2009

20 July 2009

Yes, I am posting an update.

No, it is not very in-depth (by itself).

What it will do is allow you to check out other of my site at you own pace, depending as to what topics interest you.
If you find any of these links do not appear as they should (for whatever reason) — drop me a note, and I can email you the working link, directly.

First I will give you a quick rundown of my “Blogs” related to crafts, genealogy, news, current events, and various strange and wonderful tidbits.

Here goes….

http://catcrafted.wordpress.com —
http://abernethyusa.wordpress.com —
http:// clinkscalesusa.wordpress.com —
http://addictedtostring.wordpress.com —
http://stringcat.wordpress.com —
http://scottishancestors.wordpress.com —
http://weavercat.wordpress.com —
http://justicestore.wordpress.com —
http://spruiellsusa.wordpress.com —
http://turnersusa.wordpress.com —
http://speerusa.wordpress.com —
http://inklescreations.wordpress.com —
http://pattyfamilyusa.wordpress.com —
http://silversgenes.wordpress.com —
http://honeycuttsnc.wordpress.com —
http://pickardsnc.wordpress.com —
http://griffensusa.wordpress.com —
http://frenchancestors.wordpress.com —
http://calciscat.wordpress.com —
http://macedonianorthcemal.wordpress.com —

— And finally:


Enjoy your browse!

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

Newer, better, faster ‘blog’, with more photographs?

February 18th, 2009

Yes! The headline is true.

To read my latest postings visit this address:




(This second link is one set-up for use with my laptop computer – which is used during stormy weather, as it has wireless access to the internet.)

These links help me to keep up to date with items I am researching

or weaving – depending on which ‘blog’ you view.

It just seemed more practical this way, setting-up FREE ‘blogs’

instead of trying to update the WordPress portion of my Calcis.net site.

If you are looking for photographs of my hand-woven

and Inkle-woven items — try this address:


Profanity Illegal???

January 16th, 2009

A BILL TO AMEND THE CODE OF LAWS OF SOUTH CAROLINA, 1976, BY ADDING SECTION 16-15-370 SO AS TO MAKE IT UNLAWFUL TO COMMUNICATE PROFANITY IN A PUBLIC FORUM OR PLACE OF PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION; BY ADDING SECTION 16-15-430 SO AS TO CREATE THE OFFENSE OF DISSEMINATING PROFANITY TO A MINOR AND PROVIDE A PENALTY FOR THE OFFENSE; TO AMEND SECTION 16-15-305, RELATING TO DISSEMINATING OBSCENITY, SO AS TO SPECIFY BOTH ORAL AND WRITTEN PUBLICATIONS; AND TO AMEND SECTION 16-15-375, RELATING TO DEFINITIONS FOR PURPOSES OF MORALITY AND DECENCY OFFENSES AGAINST MINORS, SO AS TO INCLUDE THE OFFENSE OF DISSEMINATING PROFANITY TO A MINOR. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina: SECTION 1. Article 3, Chapter 15, Title 16 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding: “Section 16-15-370. (A) It is unlawful for a person in a public forum or place of public accommodation wilfully and knowingly to publish orally or in writing, exhibit, or otherwise make available material containing words, language, or actions of a profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature. (B) A person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than five thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.” [CLICK for the complete posting]

– – – – –
Tis dangerous…could restrict FIRST Amendment rights of the US Constitution.


First Americans Used Two Distinct Routes, Genetic Study Suggests

January 15th, 2009

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The first people to migrate from Beringia to the Americas did so via two routes — one along the Pacific Coast and another by an inland path east of the Rocky Mountains, according to research appearing online today in Current Biology. A team of Italian and American researchers sequenced dozens of mitochondrial genomes from individuals belonging to two rare haplogroups. Based on their phylogenetic and phylogeographic analyses of these and other mitochondrial sequences, the researchers concluded that two groups of Paleo-Indians migrated from Beringia to the Americas roughly 15,000 to 17,000 years ago via different paths. And, they argue, that dual migration may shed light on everything from Native American linguistics to archeology.

– – – – –

Tracing ancient migration patterns may shed light on language differences…


Ricardo Montalban dies.

January 15th, 2009

Ricardo Montalban, the suave leading man who was one of the first Mexican-born actors to make it big in Hollywood and who was best known for his role as Mr. Roarke on TV’s “Fantasy Island,” has died. He was 88. Montalban died Wednesday morning at his Los Angeles home of complications related to old age, said his son-in-law, Gilbert Smith.

– – – – – –

We will miss you.


Ashville votes to legalize charity bingo

January 5th, 2009


Ashville votes to legalize charity bingo

Gary Hanner


The Ashville City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance on Monday, Dec. 22, that will allow charity bingo to be played in the city and help ease the economic worries throughout the area.

The only member of the council not in attendance was Willie B. Turner. Wilson Coffman, president of Shooting Star Entertainment Group LLC, was at the meeting along with attorneys John Amari of Trussville and Matt Abbott of Pell City.

Amari represents Coffman, who is from the Huntsville area, represents a group of investors who are interested in building a facility to play bingo. “We looked at the amendment St. Clair County voters passed to allow charity bingo and found out they could operate one here that would be a mutual economic benefit for Ashville and the people of central Alabama,” Amari said.

“Although some counties have to go through state legislation for rules and regulations, St. Clair’s Constitution amendment allows any city or the county of St. Clair to pass a bingo ordinance or resolution that allows rules and regulations for the operation of bingo.[…]”

– – – – –

Okay Etowah…you may have to “woo” the Bingo patrons, if your Bingo facility is built.

— Cathy Abernathy

Recollected – on the Square, Jacksonville

January 5th, 2009

Having a place in history: Curiosity drives business at Recollected Books
By Nick Cenegy
Staff Writer
John Henricks displays items at his store, Recollected Books, on the square in Jacksonville. Photo: Trent Penny/The Anniston Star
JACKSONVILLE — On the south side of the square is a shop fueled by curiosity. There isn’t much new in Recollected Books, yet within the charming book-lined shop are symbols of the many ideas that shaped the last few centuries.
Still, customers — often “first timers” — tend to have one of two reactions, said owner John Henricks.
“One reaction is that they are in a sense overwhelmed by the number of books,” he said.
There are more books in the store than in most high school libraries.
The other reaction involves people walking into the store, smelling the air, wrinkling their nose and saying something to the effect of “mostly books.” That’s when they walk out, Henricks said….

– – – – – –

For the complete story visit the Anniston Star site, or pick a copy of the paper — you have to have subscription to read the complete  story online.

— Cathy

Train Accident – In Calcis, near Highway 25

January 5th, 2009

Train accident near Vincent under investigation

Posted by Malcomb Daniels — The Birmingham News

January 04, 2009 11:01 PM

Authorities late tonight said they were investigating a train accident near Alabama 25 and Justice Road near Vincent.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office got the call just after 10 p.m., according to its Web site.

There were no injuries, said a dispatcher with the Alabama State Troopers, which also worked the accident. No other details would be available until Monday, the dispatcher said.

– – – – – –

Not good.

— Cathy A.


1:19 am UPDATE

Called Mom after 12 midnight – everything is okay there; but there are still lights and noise coming from the railroad; so Mom relayed while talking with me.

No one was injured; but an automobile went up the rails at the crossing in front of the store, about the time for the regular night train to come through.

Mom called 911, and they showed up in about 45 minutes, well after the wreck had happened…

“More details will be disclosed Monday.”

It will be interesting to see how the local media handle this one — since people have been complaining about the crossing for so long.

As for me and mine.. Mom’s okay, home’s okay, so I should not have any trouble resting tonight.

Will tell more when I know more.

— Cathy Abernathy


Shoes Litter the Interstate…

January 3rd, 2009

Miami Herald Saturday, January 3, 2009;

Page A05 MIAMI, Jan. 2 —

Thousands of work boots, bath slippers, tennis sneakers, beach sandals and even roller skates all inexplicably materialized Friday morning on the Palmetto Expressway, disrupting traffic for hours, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Lt. Pat Santangelo said he was not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash, and no one claimed them.

A private contractor was hired to pick up the sea of soles and deposit them at an empty field, where a Nashville-based nonprofit group, Soles4Souls, is planning to pick them up Monday.

Soles4Souls, which has distributed millions of pairs of shoes around the world, will ship the massive batch of shoes by truck to a processing facility in Alabama. There the organization will decide where to distribute them.

Anniston Depot Burns

December 29th, 2008

Anniston train depot destroyed by fire
December 29, 2008 14:15 EST

ANNISTON, Ala. (AP) — A fire has destroyed a train depot in Anniston listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Anniston fire Capt. Chris Collins said firefighters received the call at 3 a.m. Sunday and arrived to find fire shooting through the roof from the largest part of the L & N train depot, which is more than a century old.

Collins said the building is a complete loss.

The fire had been burning for some time before the call came in. Firefighters battled the fire through the early morning hours and did not leave the scene until 11 a.m.
Collins said the fire’s cause was not immediately determined.
Jim and Ann Stephenson bought the passenger depot building in 1995 from architect Julian Jenkins, according to Anniston Star archives.
Information from: The Anniston Star, http://www.annistonstar.com/

Stoves help saves lives…

December 27th, 2008

WASHINGTON (CNN) — In Sudan’s Darfur region, where violence and genocide are rampant, women risk their lives every day performing tasks as seemingly mundane as seeking out firewood.

Spencer Brodsky, 17, says he and his peers should work to fight global injustice. Spencer Brodsky, 17, says he and his peers should work to fight global injustice. But, from his suburban home, one Maryland teen has dedicated himself to making life a little safer for those women.

The United Nations estimates that 300,000 people have been slaughtered in the ongoing violence in the north African country. Countless others have been forced out of their homes and are living in refugee camps. People living in the camps are relatively safe, but there is danger for the women and young girls who leave the compounds in search of firewood to cook meals.

Firewood in the desert is scarce, and the women often have to walk up to seven hours to gather enough wood to bring back to their camps. Some women have been targeted, sexually assaulted and killed.

Spencer Brodsky, 17, learned about the violence and decided to raise money to purchase fuel-efficient stoves to send to Darfur. The stoves burn 75 percent less firewood.

Brodsky reasons that if he can do something to keep Sudanese women in the camps, this would decrease the likelihood of violence….